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We manage the several parts of the movie creation :
We're here when the project comes to life, and we keep it alive all time long, diffusing it on several supports : international festivals, TV channels etc.
Post-production / Diffusion
We can manage the project development, from the documentary to the fiction. And let's not forget animation and events capture.
Here with the director during the movie writing, we make sure to follow the file very closely, bringing all the pre-production financial apports.
Other skills
Editing and numerisation
Location spotting
We can organize a professional casting for you, no matter what are your artistic needs and your film's genre.
Since we know the lands around Lyon, and the city itself as well, we can give you a list of the proper spots to shoot your movie.
We're actually buying some montage and numerisation material. Very soon, Kinescop Films Prod. will be able to insure all the post-production phases itself and rent editing rooms for the editors.
Feel free to contact us for any question about our services or to ask us a preliminary estate.
We propose our skills to producers, such as :
Executive production
Shooting coordination is in our skills. It is a duty for us to make sure everything works fine during this creation phase of your movie, from the logistic to the technical and the artistic.
Since we've never delegated this know-how-ability for our own productions, in order to have a clear and wide view on it, we can make it for foreign producer's movies as well.
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