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Leo is fifteen. Son and grandson of farmers, full of passion and mainly different from the other teenagers. To his desire to live away from society answers his will to break the everyday life. Like a puppet master, he directs his meeting with Nathan, young yuppie without an age, managing to success in everything he wants but having no dreams left.
Technical data
Actors : Mischa Aznavour, Dora Doll, Jérémie Petit, Soko, Alain Bouzigues, Marc Andréoni, Matila Malliarakis
Producers   Saïd Fenni
                          Philippe Duquaire
Director : Olivier Vidal
Director assistant : Yann Aubert
Photography director : Thibaut Richard
Production manager : Benjamin Canet
Editor: Yves Courbet
Script : Olivier Bonnet
Soundtrack composer : Laurent Koleda
Mixage : Romain Noiret

Production : Kinescop Films Prod.
International sales : Kinescop Films Prod.

Short film

Genre : Fiction
Subgenres : Comedy, romance
Themes : Teenager complex, family
Language : French
Production year : 2005
Duration : 22mn 30s
Visa number : 111.651
Production format : Super 16
Projection format : 35mm, Beta SP
Color / B&W : Color
Format : 1.85
Sound format : Dolby SR
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Poesie Del Amor
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