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Olivier Vidal
2011 - Passage à niveaux (producer)
2011 - Manège (producer)
2011 - La femme en noir (producer)
2010 - 1% de chance (producer)
2010 - The leaving (Editor)
2009 - Reverence
2009 - Madame
2009 - Le portrait
2007 - Tierce mineure
2005 - Poésie Del Amor
2000 - Au loin... L'horizon
1999 - Entre quatre murs
1998 - Eternelle passe
1995 - Seul dans la forêt
This young director, mainly recognized for being full of talents and skills, can pretend to know the whole cinema industry : acting, production, direction, scenari, editing, soundtrack composition etc.

His filmography gets longer and longer as the time goes on, each movie being welcomed with the same enthousiasm "Poesie Del Amor" had in 2005.
Julien Noël
2007 - Cézam
This young director, scenarist and editor, Julien started his career creating "Cézam", which was welcomed with a great enthousiasm.
Xavier Etchepare
2009 - Life is a beach

After his childhood in west Africa, Xavier studies at the LISAA and Sup'Infograph schools, where he learns infography and numeric direction... Which makes him dream about making his own movie, "life is a beach", with Vincent Kawnick. As a freelance today, he mainly works on the video game industry and the matte painting of artists in tour, like Johnny Hallyday.

Yves Courbet
2011 - Bye bye Kitty
2009 - Pompom
2007 - Cézam (editing)
2007 - Born to be alive
2006 - Namoos, duel sanglant
2006 - Namoos, partie de pêche
2005 - Poésie Del Amor (editing)
2005 - I'm gonna give me own to you
2005 - Save the music
2004 - Just a man
2003 - The firecracker
2003 - Flying baby
This self-educated person, fond of infography, drawing and informatic, knew since his childhood he would dedicate his artistic career by these biases.

The firsts short movies in 3D don't take long to arrive : "flying baby" and "the firecracker". In the same time, he frequently directs music videos (like for "Just a man) and TV credits.
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